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Australian company focused on the exploration of future energy materials and the development of future energy projects

Blue Hydrogen – WAH2

Considerable progress has been made on the Hexagon’s WAH2 hydrogen based blue ammonia project in Western Australia’s Pilbara region with a focus on four cornerstone elements of the strategy:

1. Securing gas supply for blue hydrogen feedstock

Hexagon has entered a mandate with Equity Lifting Solutions for various services, including a potential gas supply for the project. For stage one, the project will consume up to 21TJs/day of gas for conversion to hydrogen increasing to 71TJs/day for full scale production. Hexagon plans to source power from renewable sources to minimize the sequestration capacity required and, as part of its hybrid approach, to ultimately maximise the renewable nature of the process as technology an economics permit

2. Securing land for site location in the Company’s preferred NW coast of WA

An application has been submitted with the Western Australian Government to secure an allocation at a Strategic Industrial Area (SIA) at a coastal development on the Northwest Shelf with outcome due by September 2022

3. Finalising agreements around access to CO2 sequestration capacity

Discussion with two large corporations is underway – these organisations are progressing CO2 sequestration and storage projects as part of their existing businesses in the North West Shelf. Hexagon will seek to finalise a Heads of Agreement with one of these corporations by September 2022

4. Strategic conversations with offshore customers and funding partners

Hexagon’s WAH2 strategy is to be an economic and scale player to service the potential demand in North Asia focused on near term ammonia demand for energy generation. Conversations focused on offtake, possible feedstock (gas) supply, as well as potential strategic partnerships, are a priority.